New Hoop Designs!

It has been a while since I have released any new hula hoop designs, but I recently added 4 new listings to the HoopBunny Hula Hoops Etsy shop for new hoops! Check them out!

HoopBunny Pink Rainbow Collapsible Hula HoopPink Rainbow Collapsible Travel Hula Hoop

HoopBunny Teal & Purple Sparkle Collapsible Hula HoopTeal & Purple Sparkle Collapsible Hula Hoop

HoopBunny Earth Fairy Collapsible Hula HoopEarth Fairy Collapsible Hula Hoop

Metallic Silver Collapsible Hula Hoop with Pink Purple & BlackMetallic Silver Collapsible Hula Hoop with Pink, Purple, & Black Accent

Let me know in the comments which new hoop design is your favorite!

xox HoopBunny

Hula Hoop Shop Directory Giveaway Contest

29 hoopmakers have teamed up to organize the LARGEST HULA HOOP GIVEAWAY CONTEST in history!

Hula Hoop Shop Directory Giveaway ContestEntering the contest is simple. First you need to make sure you are a member of the Hula Hoop Shop Directory group! Here’s the link:

And make sure to check out the official contest photo album, showcasing all of the beautiful prizes up for grabs! Here’s the link to the album:

Next, you must follow this link to enter the official contest. When the
group reaches 5,000 members, we will randomly generate 29 winning members!

You can enter up to 30 times by liking each and every shop page through the contest website links. Here is the link to enter:
Share this flyer with all your friends to get us to 5,000 members fast!!!
HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Ruby Hooping –
2. Santana Hoops
3. Hoola Monsters
4. Ashton Perry Designs
5. Hoop There It Is
6. Wanderlust Hoop Co
7. Mann-Made Originals
8. Thirdeyecolorado
9. Hiptronic Arts
10. Moonstone Mama Hula Hoops
11. Thought Crime Design
12. Emma J. Osle Designs
13. HoopBunny Hula Hoops
14. Fab-Creates
15. CitivaCreations
16. Hoops Galore and More
17. Dance Hoops
18. JamHoops
19. Stellar Sunshine Hoops
20. SacredSpiralz
21. String Art Incident
22. Hoop Concious
23. Creekside Hooping
24. Flow Time Hoops
25. Kemmitt Hoops-
26. TreeHuggerHoops
27. Family Flow Arts
28. Ideolight Creations
29. Whirl & Dervish

“How I Started Hooping” Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the “How I Started Hooping” hula hoop giveaway! I loved reading everyone’s stories about how they were introduced to the world of hooping! They were all so fun and inspiring! I will make another post with all the stories I received soon so you can all be inspired and share the hoop love.

There were about 200 entries for this hoop giveaway so I numbered each entry and used a random number generator to choose the winner. The number chosen was lucky number 34, Danielle McCormick! Congratulations Danielle and thank you for submitting your story & supporting HoopBunny!! Please send an email with your choice of hula hoop (including colors & size) and your mailing address to You can choose one from the HoopBunny Etsy shop or any combo of tapes that you see at the shop as well.

For everyone who entered the giveaway, you can use coupon code ThankYou15 for 15% off a purchase at the HoopBunny shop from now until July 1st!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the hoop giveaway! I will leave you with Danielle’s winning entry :)

Where to start….

About 4 years ago, I was spending time with a few of my girl friends and found out that my best friend had NEVER owned, nor hula hooped in her life. I actually thought back to my childhood and how simple it was to disappear from the world with a simple plastic ring. We made a late night trip to WalMart and purchased the cheap, horrid taped/sticker/glittery hula hoops. It was fun trying to remember how to do it myself and then teach someone the basic motions. She fell in love and began hooping on her own, making her collection grow to professional grade hoops.

I had unfortunately stopped messing around with the hoop(s) due to personal life changes and distractions, until recently. I picked my simple hoop back up a few months ago after some stressful events. It gives me an escape and it’s great exercise. I have a few friends that hoop/gogo for shows, and watching them flow/escape is simply gorgeous. They give me a goal to obtain. I’m still a “basic” hooper, currently, but I see that changing in the months to come.

Followed on and re-posted giveaway on (handle @dlacymc):
Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter!

Good luck everyone!”

<3 Happy Hooping Lovely Hoopers! <3

“How I Started Hooping” Hula Hoop Giveaway!

HoopBunny Hula Hoop GiveawayWith festival season upon us, I am reminded of how I first started my hooping journey 5 years ago. I distinctly remember arriving that first year at Mountain Jam and seeing a girl carrying 10+ hula hoops over her shoulder. That was my very first introduction that weekend and I continued to be amazed at the beautiful hoopers I saw over the next 3 days. I will never forget this one girl. She was this beautiful, muscular Asian girl hooping on a cement block next to the main stage on the Mountain. She moved the hoop up and down her body so effortlessly throughout the whole set. I don’t even remember who was playing at the time because I was so mesmerized by her! From the moment I got home that weekend I was determined to find a hoop of my own and start hooping myself. I started with a crappy LED Walmart hoop and started researching hooping like crazy. That’s when I discovered and HoopCity and started making my own hoops!

Anyway, I’m sure you are here for the contest so let’s move on! For this hula hoop giveaway I want to know how YOU first discovered hooping! Where were you? Who influenced you? Tell me YOUR story and you could be chosen at random to receive a custom HoopBunny Hula Hoop of your choice! I will be accepting entries for the giveaway from now until 5/20/14 at 11:59 pm, there is no limit on the number of entries per person. You must be a resident of the United States in order to win this giveaway.

You can enter the giveaway in the following ways:

1. Post your response to how you started hooping in the comments below this post or on the HoopBunny Facebook page.

2. LIKE HoopBunny on Facebook:
(Let me know you LIKE HoopBunny in the Comments below!)

3. Share this giveaway on your Facebook page by posting a link to this blog post or the giveaway photo pictured above.
(Make sure to tag the HoopBunny page in your status update and let me know in the comments!)

4. Follow @HoopBunny on Twitter:
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5. Tweet this giveaway to your followers on Twitter by providing a link to this blog post or the giveaway photo pictured above.
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6. Follow @MsHoopBunny on Instagram:
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7. Share the giveaway photo on your Instagram
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**Tweet and Share on Facebook & Instagram each day during the giveaway to increase your chance of winning!**



My Thoughts on “The Hooping Life”…

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I was contacted by the distributor for “The Hooping Life” documentary to see if I was interested in watching and reviewing the film. Like, is that even a question?! I’m not even really sure what exactly to say about the film itself except that I absolutely LOVED it, of course!

The Hooping LifeSince I have been a part of the hooping community for about 5 years now, I thought I was familiar with all the “famous” or well known hoopers (at least their names). But “The Hooping Life” introduced me to other hoopers I did not know about previously, like Karis and Sass. It also gave a more intimate view of well known hoopers like Hoopalicious, Christabel, and Baxter. What I really enjoyed about getting to know the 8 hoopers featured in the film was that they did not just show the happy and joyous parts of their lives or even their hoop lives. It showed the ugly truths concerning depression, jealousy, and traumatic events that happen in everyone’s lives. This made them very relatable, especially when they turned those negative emotions or events around with the help of their hula hoop and the hooping community.

“The Hooping Life” really shows the true spirit of the hooping community and how the hoop brings people together. They also discuss the healing power of the hoop, highlighting both the physical and mental health benefits. Overall, I’d say “The Hooping Life” is very inspirational. It has inspired my to get more involved with my local hoop community again. Seeing how Stefan and Baxter set up free hoop jams in their local parks made me want to do the same and to spread the hoop love wherever I can. It is also inspirational to see the effect that hooping has on inner city at risk children. It is amazing that something as simple as a hula hoop can help to keep them on the right track. I hope to someday see the famous Jeffrey! He was great. I think the most inspirational hooper in the film is definitely Christabel. She shares her struggles she has faced with work partners, finding her identity outside of her family and formal education, and major debt, but she overcame all of that and created a huge hoop brand (Hoop Girl) and career for herself. It really shows that as long as you are passionate and serious about something, you can be very successful and create your whole life around that passion.

I really loved the film, but it definitely left me wanting more! Not only did I want to know more about the hoopers featured, like Karis and Baxter, but there are other hoopers who I am surprised were not featured in the film. I think they should do a sequel and focus on others in the hoop community like SaFire, Philo Hagen of, Rayna McInturf (of Hoop Revolution, formerly of Hoopnotica), Lara Eastburn of SuperHooper, or Shakti Sunfire and her sister Luna Breeze. These are just some of the hoopers I have become familiar with (online) throughout my hooping journey. I also found it kind of strange that there was no mention of Hoopnotica throughout the whole movie. Although they have become a GIANT hoop brand and seem to be more about the business than the hoop love, they still play a huge role in hooping’s growing popularity and the “hoop revolution”.

Are there any hoopers you would you like to see featured in a hooping documentary? Tell me about them!!

Much hoop love,
Ashley xx

P.S. There actually IS a sequel to “The Hooping Life”, but it is a hooping instructional video, not another documentary. I will be reviewing that film as well in the very near future!


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