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My Big Fuzzy Stick

At last years Mountain Jam I received a pink/purple FUZZY hoop as a gift from a friend. I absolutely love it, but it was very VERY large and heavy. It was so tall it almost reached my shoulder! I’m about 5’4 so you get an idea for reference. I’m not sure the psi, but I would guess 160 & the tubing is 1 in. thick, way bigger than any hoop I am used to using. All of my other hoops are 3/4 in. 100 psi.
I wanted to bring it with me to this year’s Mountain Jam so I decided to modify my fuzzy hoop a bit and cut it down. It is now about 40 in. diameter I think.

After my modifications, I was left with this giant furry stick. Soo I decided to give to my dog, Rocky. I think he enjoyed it, look how cute he is!


Hooping in the Memorial Day Parade

I am wayy behind on blogging and have so much fun hoopy things to show and tell everybody! OK first off, me and my fellow hooper friends were in a parade a couple weeks ago! Hooping! We joined the Tigon Academy (where we have Open Hooping every week) in Watervliet’s Memorial Day parade.

Memorial Day Parade Hoopers

Here is a picture of the 4 of us in action. It was a lot of fun even though it was sooo hot out. We were all exhausted by the end of it, but it was a great time!

It was the first time any of us hooped in a parade & personally I think we all did an awesome job 🙂 Here are some more pictures courtesy of Zoraida Soul:

That's me!

Group Shot After the Parade

With my Supporters, Mark & Rocky

Hope you enjoyed the parade pics (and your Memorial Day), Happy Hooping! xx

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