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Cutie of the Day!


For Christmas this year I bought myself the Cute Overload calendar (after I got one for my secret santa too!). If you’ve never been to Cute Overload you MUST check it out. Since I’m on the internet all day at work, looking at the cutie patooties (yes, Rosie!) on here help to break up the day for a few minutes. So with the calendar comes a new cutie every day (eeep!) and cute little captions too. I wanted to share today because this one is EXTRA cute…a wittle baby bunny for your Tuesday afternoon. Love love love.

Busy Busy Bee, err Puppysitter!


I haven’t had much time for hooping or crafts lately due to the fact these little cuties have entered my home. Mark’s working out of town so I’m responsible for them AND the 3 yr old golden we already have and little Bunny of course. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we rescued them, but its a lot of work! Don’t let them fool you, they’re little monsters! Cute little monsters. Xxox

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