The 2nd Hula Hoop Shop Directory Giveaway Extravaganza!

I am proud to announce that HoopBunny is again involved in a massive hula hoop giveaway put on by the Hula Hoop Shop Directory group on Facebook! This time there will be 39 prizes from 39 different hoop shops! HoopBunny will be giving away a collapsible PE hoop featuring our most popular Galaxy design in any size the winner chooses.

HoopBunny Galaxy Hula Hoop

Keep reading for more details and how to enter to win!

Hula Hoop Shop Directory Contest 2

The time has finally arrived for the 2nd ever Hula Hoop Shop Directory Giveaway Extravaganza!

39 hoopmakers have teamed up to organize the largest hula hoop giveaway contest in history!

Entering the contest is simple. First you need to make sure you are a member of the Hula Hoop Shop Directory group!
Here’s the link:

And make sure to check out the official contest photo album, showcasing all of the beautiful prizes up for grabs! Here’s the link to the album:…

Next, you must follow this link to enter the official contest. When the group reaches 10,000 members, we will randomly generate 39 winners from the contest entries!

You can enter up to 40 times by liking each and every shop page through the contest website links as well as becoming a member of the Facebook group Hula Hoop Shop Directory. Here is the link to enter:

While the contest website will only require you to visit each page in order to be entered, we will be verifying that the winners we draw have liked all of the below pages! The contest website will guide you to each of these pages. The below list is just for your reference.

Share this flyer with all your friends to get us to 10,000 members fast!!!
P.S. Because this is a closed group, you will need to share the flyer from one of the places where it is publicly posted, such as here:

HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Ruby Hooping –
2. JAMhoops Limited
3. Hoola Monsters LLC
4. Flow Affinity
5. Hoop There It Is
6. Wanderlust Hoop Co
7. Mann-Made Originals
8. Third Eye Colorado
9. Jillery Hoops
10. Santana Hoops
11. Supernova Hoops
12. Emma J. Osle Designs
13. HoopBunny Hula Hoops
14. Fab-Creates
15. CitivaCreations
16. Hoopwright Hula Hoops
17. Dance Hoops
18. Jess Hoops
19. Stellar Sunshine Hoops
20. Freestyle Spirals
21. String Art Incident
22. Hoop Conscious
23. Creekside Hooping
24. Flow Time Hoops
25. Kemmitt Hoops-
26. TreeHuggerHoops
27. Family Flow Arts
28. Raye of Rainn
29. Whirl & Dervish
30. Livi Joy Hoops
31. Hoopdini
32. Flow & Fauna
33. Cosmic Vibrations
34. Chrysalis Hoops
35. ShelLED Hoops
36. DarkSpins Hoops
37. Lady Lunar Hoops
38. Bluestocking Hoops
39. Apogee Flow Toys

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