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NEW Tape for Custom Hoops!!

A new shipment of tape has arrived! All the tapes/colors listed below are now available for your Custom HoopBunny Hula Hoop!

Duct Tape
Red ~ Light Blue ~Royal Blue ~ Teal ~ Purple ~ Violet ~ Pink
Fluorescent Pink ~ Fluorescent Orange ~ Fluorescent Yellow ~ Fluorescent Green

Gaffer Tape
Fluorescent Pink ~ Fluorescent Orange ~ Fluorescent Yellow ~ Fluorescent Green
Electric Blue ~ Purple ~Black

Vinyl Tape
Red ~ Orange ~ Yellow ~ Light Green ~ Green ~ Dark Green
Purple ~ Pink ~ Black ~ Grey ~ White ~ Brown

End of the Tight Knit Summer Market

The end of summer is quickly approaching… although I wish it wasn’t! HoopBunny will be at the Tight Knit summer market in for two more upcoming Saturdays. Tight Knit it located right next to the Farmer’s Market on River St. in downtown Troy. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out before it’s too late 🙂

HoopBunny’s Tight Knit market days:
Saturday 8/13 9am-1pm
Saturday 8/27 9am-1pm

Also, HoopBunny is having an end of the summer sale! There will be a $5 discount on all hoops sold at the Tight Knit market.

So the prices will be…
Standard Hoops: $15
Collapsible Hoops: $20
Standard Deco Hoops: $20
Deco collapsible hoops: $25.

Hope to see you there, Happy Hooping!

My Big Fuzzy Stick

At last years Mountain Jam I received a pink/purple FUZZY hoop as a gift from a friend. I absolutely love it, but it was very VERY large and heavy. It was so tall it almost reached my shoulder! I’m about 5’4 so you get an idea for reference. I’m not sure the psi, but I would guess 160 & the tubing is 1 in. thick, way bigger than any hoop I am used to using. All of my other hoops are 3/4 in. 100 psi.
I wanted to bring it with me to this year’s Mountain Jam so I decided to modify my fuzzy hoop a bit and cut it down. It is now about 40 in. diameter I think.

After my modifications, I was left with this giant furry stick. Soo I decided to give to my dog, Rocky. I think he enjoyed it, look how cute he is!


HoopBunny Hoops on Etsy!

HoopBunny is now on Etsy! Check it out: HoopBunny Hoops

I just listed my first few collapsible deco hoops which are all also on my Hoops page on here. The hoops I’ve listed are:

Blue Bunny hoop

Card Suit hoop

Girly Skull hoop

I plan on putting a listing for my custom hoops too, but that will come a little later on. I hope you enjoy my new shop!

Happy Hooping 🙂


Lots of New Hoops!

Last week I made 8 new hoops to bring with me to my first hooping fitness class this past Saturday. I wasn’t sure how many people would come to the class or how many would want to purchase their own hoop so I just made a bunch! The class went well and 3 of these hoops went to new homes (and new hoopers!)… take a look 🙂

All are made with 3/4 in. 100 PSI tubing. To keep them on the cheaper side, all of these hoops were made with duct tape, vinyl tape, and/or gaffer tape.

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