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Cutie of the Day!


For Christmas this year I bought myself the Cute Overload calendar (after I got one for my secret santa too!). If you’ve never been to Cute Overload you MUST check it out. Since I’m on the internet all day at work, looking at the cutie patooties (yes, Rosie!) on here help to break up the day for a few minutes. So with the calendar comes a new cutie every day (eeep!) and cute little captions too. I wanted to share today because this one is EXTRA cute…a wittle baby bunny for your Tuesday afternoon. Love love love.

A Day on the Farm

Recently we spent the day at Liberty Ridge Farm for their annual Farm Festival. I can’t believe I have never heard of this wonderful place before! They have so much fun stuff to do (mazes, pumpkin shooter, life size gerbil wheels, BUNNY TOWN) and Schaghticoke is sooo close to where I live. Although a lot of the activities were geared towards kids, Mark and I still had a blast at the fest!

My favorite part was the Rabbit Town of course. It was a little western town they built for their bunnies to live in with tunnels that connected all the buildings underground. It is super cute! I want to have my own bunny town some day. I’m thinking instead of a western town I’ll have a candyland bunny town hehe how cute would that be?! The camera on my phone wasn’t really cooperating with me that day, but I managed to get a couple pics out of it. I can only imaging what people were thinking about me taking a million pictures of the bunnies. I didn’t mind. I was too focused on the cuteness.


Hippity Hoppity Hoop

I started HulaFit class again last Thursday, I had really been missing it! Since my body has been a little sore ever since, I have been taking a break the last couple days  and took some pics of Bunny hooping instead! Here are some of Bunny’s glamour shots 😉

Bunny in my hoop!

Bunny Hoops!

An extra just cuz she's cute!


If only she was as nice as she is cute!

I hope my tape comes tomorrow so I can start making my new hoops!


My Hoop Path

With the launch of the new I have found inspiration to start a blog that will chronicle my hooping journey. Although I started hooping with an adult size hoop about a year ago, only recently have a started getting more serious about it. I have started taking a Hula Fit class twice a week (on vaca this week, thank god, it’s been 95 degrees every day!) which is more of a work out class than a hoop dance class. I have learned a couple new tricks though, like the revolving door and realized I can hoop while on my knees (I am on my knees, not hooping on my knees).

Since it has been so hot out the last few days I haven’t been hooping at all. Hopefully it will cool off a little in the next hour or so seeing as how it’s dark now so I can get in a little time with my fuzzy hoop!

Fuzzy Hoop

Fuzzy Hoop!

So today after browsing the new I started searching for decorative hoop tapes. I need to make myself a new hoop because mine is too small. I realized this after using the hoops in my Hula Fit class. I need one that is bigger so I can learn new moves more easily. Also, I think I am too tall for the size of it. Imagine that, ME, too TALL? hehe Anyway, aside from which has been recommended by a lot of people on Hoopcity, I found some really cute tape on this site: just doing a Google search. I hope it will work. I think I’m going to order a few rolls anyway since it’s pretty cheap compared to other tapes. I’m thinking about getting a couple for possible future hoop gifts, but I want this one for myself cuz I love the cute little bunnies! (SUPRISE)

I do wish the bunnies were smiling though, why so sad?

OK off to spend some money and hang out with my REAL bunny bun.


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