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My Thoughts on “The Hooping Life”…

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I was contacted by the distributor for “The Hooping Life” documentary to see if I was interested in watching and reviewing the film. Like, is that even a question?! I’m not even really sure what exactly to say about the film itself except that I absolutely LOVED it, of course!

The Hooping LifeSince I have been a part of the hooping community for about 5 years now, I thought I was familiar with all the “famous” or well known hoopers (at least their names). But “The Hooping Life” introduced me to other hoopers I did not know about previously, like Karis and Sass. It also gave a more intimate view of well known hoopers like Hoopalicious, Christabel, and Baxter. What I really enjoyed about getting to know the 8 hoopers featured in the film was that they did not just show the happy and joyous parts of their lives or even their hoop lives. It showed the ugly truths concerning depression, jealousy, and traumatic events that happen in everyone’s lives. This made them very relatable, especially when they turned those negative emotions or events around with the help of their hula hoop and the hooping community.

“The Hooping Life” really shows the true spirit of the hooping community and how the hoop brings people together. They also discuss the healing power of the hoop, highlighting both the physical and mental health benefits. Overall, I’d say “The Hooping Life” is very inspirational. It has inspired my to get more involved with my local hoop community again. Seeing how Stefan and Baxter set up free hoop jams in their local parks made me want to do the same and to spread the hoop love wherever I can. It is also inspirational to see the effect that hooping has on inner city at risk children. It is amazing that something as simple as a hula hoop can help to keep them on the right track. I hope to someday see the famous Jeffrey! He was great. I think the most inspirational hooper in the film is definitely Christabel. She shares her struggles she has faced with work partners, finding her identity outside of her family and formal education, and major debt, but she overcame all of that and created a huge hoop brand (Hoop Girl) and career for herself. It really shows that as long as you are passionate and serious about something, you can be very successful and create your whole life around that passion.

I really loved the film, but it definitely left me wanting more! Not only did I want to know more about the hoopers featured, like Karis and Baxter, but there are other hoopers who I am surprised were not featured in the film. I think they should do a sequel and focus on others in the hoop community like SaFire, Philo Hagen of, Rayna McInturf (of Hoop Revolution, formerly of Hoopnotica), Lara Eastburn of SuperHooper, or Shakti Sunfire and her sister Luna Breeze. These are just some of the hoopers I have become familiar with (online) throughout my hooping journey. I also found it kind of strange that there was no mention of Hoopnotica throughout the whole movie. Although they have become a GIANT hoop brand and seem to be more about the business than the hoop love, they still play a huge role in hooping’s growing popularity and the “hoop revolution”.

Are there any hoopers you would you like to see featured in a hooping documentary? Tell me about them!!

Much hoop love,
Ashley xx

P.S. There actually IS a sequel to “The Hooping Life”, but it is a hooping instructional video, not another documentary. I will be reviewing that film as well in the very near future!

HoopBunny Hula Hoop Giveaway!

HoopBunny Hula HoopsI’ve been on somewhat of a hoop plateau lately. Although I still have some perfecting to do on things like shoulder hooping, shoulder breaks, and hooping on 1 foot, I don’t think I have learned a new hoop trick in over a year. So what I would like YOU to do is send me your favorite hoop tutorial video. The video can be of yourself or someone else. I will be choosing a winner at random to receive a HoopBunny Hula Hoop of their choice at the end of the giveaway. Entries will be accepted from now until 11:59 PM on October 7th. You have up to 5 ways to enter, each entry increasing your chance of winning. You can enter the giveaway in the following ways:

1. Post your favorite hooping tutorial video to the HoopBunny Facebook page at:

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**Post new tutorials, share, & tweet each day to increase your chance of winning!**

The Future of Hoop2It Fitness

I hate when I write a post and save it as a draft and forget to publish it! Urggg anyway, I wrote this one a couple weeks ago…oopsies…here ya go!

The trial period for my fitness class has ended and seems to be going fairly well. Although we didn’t have much of a turn out for the class this past Saturday morning, it has led to some good changes for future classes. It seems to be that the cold weather is partially to blame for the lack of participation along with the original time frame of 9am-10am. No one wants to get up early on a Saturday morning in below freezing and snowy conditions, myself included. The classes will now start at 11am which I am SO happy about since I am sooo not a morning person. Hopefully the later time frame from 11am-12pm will get more hoopers to come work out with us! Spring will be approaching soon (I hope!) and we all will want to get our bods in shape for the warmer weather and eventually bikini season!

The class was started very unexpectedly and planned within a very short time period so we did not have a lot of time to get the word out about it. We are taking a step back for a little while in order to spark more interest and get more organized. We will be taking a break from the weekly class for about a month and will resume at our new time, 11am-12pm, on Saturday February 19th. SO keep an eye out for our fliers and online “ads” and spread the word yourself! I really want to introduce the joy and benefits of hooping to others in the area and the more people we have in class the more fun we’ll have! Hooping really does provide so many health benefits and it is so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out. I really hate exercise and before I started hooping I rarely went to the gym or partook in any exercise activity at all. Hooping is a great way to get in a regular exercise routine that you will actually look forward to doing!

Cutie of the Day!


For Christmas this year I bought myself the Cute Overload calendar (after I got one for my secret santa too!). If you’ve never been to Cute Overload you MUST check it out. Since I’m on the internet all day at work, looking at the cutie patooties (yes, Rosie!) on here help to break up the day for a few minutes. So with the calendar comes a new cutie every day (eeep!) and cute little captions too. I wanted to share today because this one is EXTRA cute…a wittle baby bunny for your Tuesday afternoon. Love love love.

Busy Busy Bee, err Puppysitter!


I haven’t had much time for hooping or crafts lately due to the fact these little cuties have entered my home. Mark’s working out of town so I’m responsible for them AND the 3 yr old golden we already have and little Bunny of course. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we rescued them, but its a lot of work! Don’t let them fool you, they’re little monsters! Cute little monsters. Xxox

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