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Hot Pink ‘n’ Flashy

This is my newest hoop creation! I am loving the hot pink/black/silver combo. It is made with silver mirror tape and hot pink gaffer tape, which gives it a better grip and makes it easier to keep it up on the body. It is a 39 in. 100 PSI hoop, good size for exercise. I would say 39-41 in. works best for exercise (for my size anyway) and the lightweight 100 PSI makes you work harder to keep it up, workin’ those ab muscles!

I finally figured out the PSI of the tubing I have while I was taping this one. It was printed on the inside of the hoop. I got lucky because this is the kind I need to make collapsible hoops. I am going to start making them soon so I can get my Etsy shop up and going. It would be impossible to ship a full sized hoop so if I make them collapsible I will be able to ship them that way. I think I may have to keep this one for myself though, its too pretty to give away! 🙂

Busy Busy Bee, err Puppysitter!


I haven’t had much time for hooping or crafts lately due to the fact these little cuties have entered my home. Mark’s working out of town so I’m responsible for them AND the 3 yr old golden we already have and little Bunny of course. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we rescued them, but its a lot of work! Don’t let them fool you, they’re little monsters! Cute little monsters. Xxox

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