Hot Pink ‘n’ Flashy

This is my newest hoop creation! I am loving the hot pink/black/silver combo. It is made with silver mirror tape and hot pink gaffer tape, which gives it a better grip and makes it easier to keep it up on the body. It is a 39 in. 100 PSI hoop, good size for exercise. I would say 39-41 in. works best for exercise (for my size anyway) and the lightweight 100 PSI makes you work harder to keep it up, workin’ those ab muscles!

I finally figured out the PSI of the tubing I have while I was taping this one. It was printed on the inside of the hoop. I got lucky because this is the kind I need to make collapsible hoops. I am going to start making them soon so I can get my Etsy shop up and going. It would be impossible to ship a full sized hoop so if I make them collapsible I will be able to ship them that way. I think I may have to keep this one for myself though, its too pretty to give away! 🙂

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