Easy(ish) Mapley Treats!

Oops! I thought I had posted this weeks ago, but just found it in my drafts. This year was my fist Thanksgiving away from my family. I spent the holiday with Mark’s family down in Chemung, NY. Before we left I made some maple candy to bring to his dad. The recipe calls for pure maple sugar and his dad harvests his own maple syrup so I wanted to use his to make some mapley treats.

The recipe I used looked pretty easy, but it was my first time really using a candy thermometer and even though I paid close attention to the temperature it still didn’t turn out so easy. Sugar is tricky! They tasted good, but the candy started hardening up too fast and only got about 5 of the molds filled before it was too thick to spoon out. I heated it back up, but they came out looking a little frosty. Oh well, I still thought they tasted great! VERY sugary. It is pretty much like eating maple flavored sugar so it doesn’t take much to satisfy that sweet tooth. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them before they were all eaten up…I guess that is a good sign!



I found a picture of my first attempt at making maple candy. The thermometer broke and glass got into the candy so it wasn’t edible, but I got a picture of it cooling off in the molds. Too bad they had to go right in the trash. 😦

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