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Reopened and Restocked!

The HoopBunny hoop shop is back open for spring and restocked with all gaffer tape colors! All 12 Horoscope Hoops are also back in stock and can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

Color Choices for Custom HoopBunny Hula Hoops

You can choose virtually any color combination you can think of for your very own custom HoopBunny Hula Hoop! The photo below displays all of the colors available in three different types of tape: vinyl, duct, and gaffer (grip) tape.

New Hoops for New Hoopers!

Hey all, I hope everyone had a hoopy Easter! hehe Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I had a great holiday with my bf’s family and even did some hooping together! I have also been selling lots of HoopBunny hoops in the past week. The first one was a custom made zebra print hoop, my 3rd zebra print combo so far. Take a look!

I haven’t made HoopBunny business cards yet because I would like to have a logo made first. So instead, I attached a little makeshift card to the hoop with my name and the URLs to the various HoopBunny pages like this one, the HoopBunny Hoops shop, and the new Facebook fan page (which you should go “Like” btw!). I accidentally attached my “first draft” of the tag first and forgot to take a picture of the one I actually used (oops!), but you’ll get the general idea!

2 of my other hoops went to new hoopers! I think they were hooked after our little hooping sesh Saturday afternoon 🙂

I like to call this one the VeryBerry hoop. It is made with 3/4 in. 100 psi tubing, purple duct tape, purple vinyl tape, and white vinyl tape.

I like this one because it’s so bright! The orange tape is actually black light reactive so it will glow under the black light. This hoop is also made with 3/4 in. 100 psi tubing, fluorescent orange gaffer tape, and teal duct tape.

The zebra print hoop will be the next listing in the HoopBunny Hoops shop. I also will be adding a listing for completely customized hoops soon so keep checking back!

Happy Hooping! xo

HoopBunny Hoops on Etsy!

HoopBunny is now on Etsy! Check it out: HoopBunny Hoops

I just listed my first few collapsible deco hoops which are all also on my Hoops page on here. The hoops I’ve listed are:

Blue Bunny hoop

Card Suit hoop

Girly Skull hoop

I plan on putting a listing for my custom hoops too, but that will come a little later on. I hope you enjoy my new shop!

Happy Hooping 🙂


The Gift of Hoop Giving

Merry (day after) Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I sure did! Santa was veryyy good to me this year! Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of hoops I gave as gifts this year. They were my first attempts at making collapsible hoops and they came out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

This hoop is 3/4 in. 100 PSI with purple duct tape, teal duct tape, zebra print duct tape, and black electric tape. Usually I don’t like to use so much duct tape on one hoop because the ends tend to get stringy or show the white from underneath when I cut it in half. But, since the zebra print tape is already white it helped to cover that up and the black vinyl tape covered the rest of the ugly ends. The only thing I don’t like about collapsible hoops is that you can’t cover the ends of the tubing and connectors with tape because the tubing has to be able to twist around the connector in order for it to collapse, leaving the grey connector exposed a bit.

This hoop is also 3/4 in. 100 PSI. It is made with red vinyl tape, black vinyl tape, and card suit decorative tape. I was going to provide a link to this decorative tape, but I just found out they don’t sell it anymore! I guess I can only make 1 or 2 more with this tape so if you want it let me know!

It is so much fun to give hoops as gifts, always lots of smiles and giggles 🙂 I will be making lots more of these collapsible hoops in the near future for my soon-to-be Etsy shop. I will hopefully be working on that this coming week now that the holiday is over and I have a break from both yoga and HulaFit. This little break will also give me a chance to organize the upcoming hoop gathering that will be happening at Maximum Fitness soon (yay!).  Happy holiday hooping!


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