New Hoops for New Hoopers!

Hey all, I hope everyone had a hoopy Easter! hehe Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I had a great holiday with my bf’s family and even did some hooping together! I have also been selling lots of HoopBunny hoops in the past week. The first one was a custom made zebra print hoop, my 3rd zebra print combo so far. Take a look!

I haven’t made HoopBunny business cards yet because I would like to have a logo made first. So instead, I attached a little makeshift card to the hoop with my name and the URLs to the various HoopBunny pages like this one, the HoopBunny Hoops shop, and the new Facebook fan page (which you should go “Like” btw!). I accidentally attached my “first draft” of the tag first and forgot to take a picture of the one I actually used (oops!), but you’ll get the general idea!

2 of my other hoops went to new hoopers! I think they were hooked after our little hooping sesh Saturday afternoon 🙂

I like to call this one the VeryBerry hoop. It is made with 3/4 in. 100 psi tubing, purple duct tape, purple vinyl tape, and white vinyl tape.

I like this one because it’s so bright! The orange tape is actually black light reactive so it will glow under the black light. This hoop is also made with 3/4 in. 100 psi tubing, fluorescent orange gaffer tape, and teal duct tape.

The zebra print hoop will be the next listing in the HoopBunny Hoops shop. I also will be adding a listing for completely customized hoops soon so keep checking back!

Happy Hooping! xo

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