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New Anticipated Close Date

I don’t know if it is because of all the recent summer music festival announcements or what, but I have been getting so many hoop orders in the last few weeks! That being said, the NEW tentative (temporary) closing date for the HoopBunny Hoops Etsy shop will be March 1st. Thank you everyone for your continued support and business!

My Big Fuzzy Stick

At last years Mountain Jam I received a pink/purple FUZZY hoop as a gift from a friend. I absolutely love it, but it was very VERY large and heavy. It was so tall it almost reached my shoulder! I’m about 5’4 so you get an idea for reference. I’m not sure the psi, but I would guess 160 & the tubing is 1 in. thick, way bigger than any hoop I am used to using. All of my other hoops are 3/4 in. 100 psi.
I wanted to bring it with me to this year’s Mountain Jam so I decided to modify my fuzzy hoop a bit and cut it down. It is now about 40 in. diameter I think.

After my modifications, I was left with this giant furry stick. Soo I decided to give to my dog, Rocky. I think he enjoyed it, look how cute he is!


A Day on the Farm

Recently we spent the day at Liberty Ridge Farm for their annual Farm Festival. I can’t believe I have never heard of this wonderful place before! They have so much fun stuff to do (mazes, pumpkin shooter, life size gerbil wheels, BUNNY TOWN) and Schaghticoke is sooo close to where I live. Although a lot of the activities were geared towards kids, Mark and I still had a blast at the fest!

My favorite part was the Rabbit Town of course. It was a little western town they built for their bunnies to live in with tunnels that connected all the buildings underground. It is super cute! I want to have my own bunny town some day. I’m thinking instead of a western town I’ll have a candyland bunny town hehe how cute would that be?! The camera on my phone wasn’t really cooperating with me that day, but I managed to get a couple pics out of it. I can only imaging what people were thinking about me taking a million pictures of the bunnies. I didn’t mind. I was too focused on the cuteness.


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