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Hoopy Gifts!

I finished my fourth homemade hoop last week. I made it as a gift to my little sister, Brooke, who left for college at SUNY Cortland this past weekend. Even though she is not a hooper (yet!), I had the idea to make her a hoop after searching online a few weeks ago. While surfing the net for fun hula stuff I found the SUNY Cortland Hula Hooping Club! How cool! I wish Oswego had such a thing while I was there! Although that was before I was introduced to hooping so chances are I wouldn’t have really known about it anyway being busy with all the sorority shizz. ANYWAY I found this cute girly skull tape that I made the hoop with. It was a little thinner than I would have liked it to be, but it worked for the most part.

The thing I realized when using decorative tape though is that it doesn’t stick to the hoop as well as the gaffer or vinyl tape does. It doesn’t go on as smooth. I didn’t have any problem with the blue sparkly tape I used, but the skull tape did NOT go on easily at all. I had been told I may have this problem and that it would be better to use the vinyl tape to hold the edges of the decorative tape on which I tried to do. The biggest problem I had was that the first tape I put on, the blue sparkle tape, was not as even as I thought it was so the empty space for the other tape was not the same the whole way around. So I had to go back through after I was done with the 4 layers and patch up some spots that were not sticking so that the tape won’t snag her while she’s hooping. What a pain this was! Although it was a little frustrating to make it came out looking pretty good!

Now I just have to figure out how to take nicer pictures. I guess I shouldn’t have dropped photo class back in high school!

Peace & Hooping


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