Hoopy Happenings!!

There are some exciting things happening in the near future!! HulaFit starts up again this week, I will be attending the Big Apple Circus on Wednesday, and I’ll be hosting an open hoop happening this Saturday January 8th!!! The guys down at Maximum Fitness in Troy are nice enough to allow us local hoopers to use their martial arts room from 11 AM to 12PM this Saturday for open hooping and if we get even just a few people to come, it could become a regular..even WEEKLY event!

If you are a hooper in the Albany area and would like to join us it is just $5 for nonmembers of Max Fitness. Everyone is welcome, even if you have never hooped before. I will be bringing a few extra hoops so if you are interested in giving it a try please come! I am super excited to meet some local hoopers and share our tips & tricks & love of the hoop! If you are in the area and can not make the event, join the Albany Hoopers groups on HoopCity and Hooping.org to connect with other local hoopers and keep up with the happenings/events. If you are definitely planning on coming to Maximum Fitness this Saturday to spin with us (or have any questions), just leave a comment to let me know…hope to see you all this weekend! Happy Hooping 🙂


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