Excuses, Excuses

I know I have been neglecting my blog pretty badly lately. I have been SUPER busy with work stuff, vacations, etc. and having to come up with and teach a hoop fitness class in such a short period of time REALLY stressed me out. So anyway let me explain a bit…

Hoop2It fitness class is no longer. It was sort of sprung on me without any type of notice or planning so it was almost set to fail from the get-go. There was a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings that got in the way of its success. What I had originally intended to do at Maximum Fitness was to have an hour or so set aside so that hoopers could get together and just hoop with others. I thought this “hoop jam” idea would be good for the winter since the weather is preventing us from getting outside and playing or working out with our hoops. As the word was spread to others at the gym it turned into more of an aerobics class, which I tried, but wasn’t appealing to the other hoopers that had been interested in my original plan. It was stressing me out having to plan a class (I am not in any way an aerobics instructor!) and trying to get people to attend the class. The timing of 9am on Saturdays was not ideal and I was told the women who had been attending the aerobics class were interested in trying my hooping class. This was not the case. Stressing about this class caused me to not want to do anything hoop related really because it seemed more like something I had to do than something I wanted to do. So now I am focusing on my hoop practice and hoop making so I can start selling my hoops again.

Another source of stress I have had for the past month or so was the Google Analytics certification test that I had to take for work. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Google Analytics, but let me tell you it was NOT fun! I am not very tech savvy so it was a lot of learning for me. But last weekend I finally passed the GA test with a 90%! Woohoo! So now that the major stressors have been removed from my life (with the exception of having to work overtime for new Google Analytics and social media projects at work) I can focus more on my little website and building my Etsy site which I have been talking about doing FOREVER now. But really I am working on it! My major issue is that I have no graphic design skills whatsoever and I can’t even figure out how to fit a picture to the Etsy banner. ugh. This may take a little while so keep an eye out for HoopBunny Hoops on Etsy!

Later gators xxox

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