How to Collapse Your Hula Hoop

I’ve been meaning to make a video about this for a while and you can find some examples on YouTube showing how to collapse a hula hoop, but one of my Twitter friends recently requested photos on how to do this, so I figured I’d put it out there for all to see.

Start by holding your hoop upright with the connectors at the top & bottom of the hoop like so…

Place each hand on either side of the top connector.
Push down on the hoop while slightly twisting your right hand towards you & your left hand away from you.

Then fold one side of the collapsed hoop over the other side, folding it in half.

Voila! Now your hoop is collapsed!

Usually the hoop tries to unfold and will not stay collapsed (which is why my hand is in this pic). So I usually tie the hoop together with a pretty ribbon to keep if from unfolding.

I hope this helps! By the way, that is an Age of Aquarius Collapsible Hula Hoop which just so happens to be on sale (20% off!) until this Saturday!

See ya later happy hoopers!

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  1. i love my collapsing hoop! it makes it easy to transport. Great demonstration on how to do it. peace

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