“How I Started Hooping” Hula Hoop Giveaway!

HoopBunny Hula Hoop GiveawayWith festival season upon us, I am reminded of how I first started my hooping journey 5 years ago. I distinctly remember arriving that first year at Mountain Jam and seeing a girl carrying 10+ hula hoops over her shoulder. That was my very first introduction that weekend and I continued to be amazed at the beautiful hoopers I saw over the next 3 days. I will never forget this one girl. She was this beautiful, muscular Asian girl hooping on a cement block next to the main stage on the Mountain. She moved the hoop up and down her body so effortlessly throughout the whole set. I don’t even remember who was playing at the time because I was so mesmerized by her! From the moment I got home that weekend I was determined to find a hoop of my own and start hooping myself. I started with a crappy LED Walmart hoop and started researching hooping like crazy. That’s when I discovered Hooping.org and HoopCity and started making my own hoops!

Anyway, I’m sure you are here for the contest so let’s move on! For this hula hoop giveaway I want to know how YOU first discovered hooping! Where were you? Who influenced you? Tell me YOUR story and you could be chosen at random to receive a custom HoopBunny Hula Hoop of your choice! I will be accepting entries for the giveaway from now until 5/20/14 at 11:59 pm, there is no limit on the number of entries per person. You must be a resident of the United States in order to win this giveaway.

You can enter the giveaway in the following ways:

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  1. I follow @HoopBunny! 🙂

  2. i did ways 1-7! =) started hooping 2 years ago when i saw a video on hoop yoga and i’ve been obsessed with hooping ever since! ♥

  3. Jessie Elaine

    My first hoop was a horrible “light up” hoop from Walmart. I took took it to my very first festival where I had met a hooper named Jenna. She asked to use my hoop because it was a clear baby blue with glittery tinsel on the inside. She was doing wonderful tricks and the hoop seemed to float. She did a trick I am still trying to learn, called the butt floss. In one fell swoop she pulled my hoop through her legs and smacked it çlean on the concrete with a nasty brittle plastic shatter to follow. With my hoops innerds still in her hands and broken blue plastic all over us both and the ground, she looked at me with a smirk and said you cannot hoop with a shitty hoop. I told her that it was alright my hoop had shattered because I couldn’t hoop anyway… she looked at me so angry! She went a bought a hoop for me, proper weight and size… she sanded it and handed it to me. I had never felt something become a part of me so fast. She showed me how to hoop and it cbanged my life,

    • We both probably had the same crappy light up walmart hoop! hehe Mine was orange and had a light out before I even got it home. My first hoop didn’t last very long either 🙂

  4. Aurora Frederick

    I’ve liked hoopbunny on Facebook, followed on twitter and Instagram and tweeted and shared everywhere! I’ve wanted to hwy into hooping for a while, and my best friend and her mom are in a hooping troupe, so when I moved, I bought a hoop (A cheap $5 one from Walmart mind you) and I love love love it! I even joined a local hooping club! Unfortunately, my hoop broke today 😭

  5. Where to start….

    About 4 years ago, I was spending time with a few of my girl friends and found out that my best friend had NEVER owned, nor hula hooped in her life. I actually thought back to my childhood and how simple it was to disappear from the world with a simple plastic ring. We made a late night trip to WalMart and purchased the cheap, horrid taped/sticker/glittery hula hoops. It was fun trying to remember how to do it myself and then teach someone the basic motions. She fell in love and began hooping on her own, making her collection grow to professional grade hoops.

    I had unfortunately stopped messing around with the hoop(s) due to personal life changes and distractions, until recently. I picked my simple hoop back up a few months ago after some stressful events. It gives me an escape and it’s great exercise. I have a few friends that hoop/gogo for shows, and watching them flow/escape is simply gorgeous. They give me a goal to obtain. I’m still a “basic” hooper, currently, but I see that changing in the months to come.

    Followed on and re-posted giveaway on (handle @dlacymc):
    Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter!

    Good luck everyone!

  6. Kristin L Burns

    I First Started Hooping 4 Years Ago After My Brother Bought Me The lotus LED Moodhoop! I Had No Other Hoops, Nor Had I Ever tried anything Besides HoopiNg Around My Waist. AftEr Seeing Jessica Bannister With Her LED Hooo At Grassroots For The First Time, IHoop Knew It Was Something I Wanted To Explore More,I Was Absolutely Mesmerized!!!! I Took A Beginners Class With Her And Had Her Make Me A hoop To Learn More Comple Stuff On. Well Needless To Say I HAve Not Put The Hoop Down At Any Concert Or Festival I’ve Been To And I Still use My original 2 First Hoops That I Learned On!! They’re Getting A Bit Tattered I Must Say! 😉

  7. I started hooping nine months ago with my now roommate Kassi. She bought me a water hoop from Walmart one day after messing around with her hoop and taught me a couple tricks. I have been hooked every since then and can’t get enough. Hooping is my escape and my way to meditate. I am so happy to found it and the community that has come with hoop dance.

  8. I follow you on Instagram @mshoopbunny http://instagram.com/jennexx

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